In the annual report by HTTP Archive, which analyzes 8 million web pages worldwide, the breakdown of countries' Core Web Vitals (CWV) performance was published. According to this report, the performance of tested websites in Turkey is 34%, placing Turkey at 16th in the global ranking.




The reasons why certain countries in Asia and Europe stand out in performance could be the widespread use of high internet speeds across the country. Additionally, because the research uses Chrome data, the sample pools may not correspond to the countries' internet-connected populations.




The above data represents the analysis of 56,000 sites in Turkey. Only 37% of the examined sites have "good" Core Web Vitals data. This indicates that there is still much room for improvement, which is what we are here for. The fact that only 25% of mobile sites have a good score also highlights the need for investment in mobile speed experience in our country.

In terms of CMS usage in Turkey, as in the rest of the world, WordPress is dominant. However, examining the performance of WordPress sites in Turkey:




In the metric of Time to First Byte (TTFB), WordPress significantly outperforms other CMSs. This could be attributed to the tendency of better-resourced companies or individuals to use WordPress.




When looking at the median average and Lighthouse scores, WordPress does not stand out as much as it does in TTFB. The scores of all platforms are poor, with all of them performing almost equally poorly.

In terms of JavaScript load on the page, WordPress again shows an advantage over other platforms. To reiterate, the graphs in this article are derived solely from Turkey's data. Therefore, under current conditions in Turkey, starting a WordPress site could be a "faster" solution compared to other options in terms of speed.

While Turkey ranks 16th globally with a 34% performance rate, there is significant room for improvement, especially in mobile site performance. WordPress appears to be the more favorable CMS in terms of TTFB and JavaScript load, making it a viable option for achieving better performance in Turkey.