Time to First Byte (TTFB) is one of the most challenging metrics concerning page speed because it is determined entirely by server and backend software performance. Although TTFB is no longer a primary metric in Google's current Pagespeed metrics, it remains an essential factor influencing page speed.

What is Time to First Byte?


Source: https://www.keycdn.com/support/what-is-ttfb


TTFB is the time it takes for a server to send the first byte of data. It includes the time taken for the request to be sent to the server, the server to process the request, and the server to send the response back. Generally, it depends on the page load and server capacity.

What is a Good TTFB Level?

Google recommends that the TTFB metric be under 200ms. Between 200-500ms is considered improvable, while anything above 500ms is deemed slow.

How to Improve TTFB?

Improvement strategies for TTFB not only enhance TTFB itself but also contribute directly or indirectly to other web performance metrics.

1. Choosing the Right Server Location


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Kaynak: https://tools.keycdn.com/performance


The analysis of the listing page for Neredeoku.com shows how servers located in Turkey respond to pings from different countries. TTFB metrics increase with cross-continent requests, including DNS resolution time. Therefore, selecting the appropriate server location is crucial for TTFB.

2. Keeping Software Versions Up-to-Date


Kaynak: https://kinsta.com/


For instance, examining WordPress CMS for PHP, it is evident that the PHP version's currency improves the server's request performance. This point is also valid for the currency of software languages and frameworks.

3. Database Optimization

Databases used on platforms have various settings to enhance performance. These tools must be optimized according to server capacity and request potential. Proper configuration of these settings is crucial for fast application performance. Moreover, no matter how well-configured the settings are, poorly written database queries can slow down many applications.

4. Working on a Dedicated Server

Corporate web platforms are typically hosted on dedicated servers, and these servers should be tailored for specific use cases. However, some e-commerce sites use shared servers with infrastructures like Ticimax and Ideasoft. These projects should be planned to operate on dedicated servers.

5. Proper Configuration of Cache Mechanisms

Leveraging cache mechanisms for static content and output results can improve TTFB performance by up to 10 times.

By following these strategies, you can significantly improve your TTFB, thereby enhancing your overall page speed and user experience.